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It's Winter, Why Do I Still Have Spiders in My Indianapolis Home?

spider on a web in a home

Spiders can live year-round in your cozy warm Indianapolis home. Winter doesn’t affect them indoors so it shouldn’t be shocking to see spiders in your Indianapolis home this time of year. That’s not great news if you were hoping for them to die off as the cold weather settled in. Your best bet for getting rid of spiders is prevention and professional pest control.

What Does The Common Spider Look Like?

Common spiders like American house spiders can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re part of a group known as cobweb spiders which usually build webs in places like attics, basements, or corners of rooms. They are generally small to medium-sized spiders and are typically harmless. However, if you are not a fan of spiders or you don’t want the other pests their presence indicates, you’ll want them out of your home.

How Do Spiders Get In?

Spiders can get into homes under doors, through windows, vents, and any other openings. Any cracks or crevices that lead into the house are possible entrances for spiders. Furthermore, spiders get inside houses in the places where pipes, cables, and plumbing lines are connected. You may also inadvertently introduce spiders to your home by bringing them in inside firewood, packages, plants, or anything you carry in from the outdoors. You can reduce the number of places where spiders enter your home by checking for openings and sealing up as many as you can.

What Are Some Ways To Prevent House Spider Invasions?

Though they may not work, there are some ways to try to prevent house spider invasions of your Indianapolis home.

  • Spiders hide in wood and yard debris. It is best that you clean up and remove these areas to reduce the presence of spiders around your home.
  • Spiders follow their food, so if you have insects in your home or around it, spiders will follow.
  • Spiders can get in through small holes. Repairing screens, using door sweeps, and insulating and sealing your home can help keep them out.
  • Eliminate clutter inside your home, especially in attics, basements, and storage areas. This can attract spiders as it gives them places to hide.
  • If you notice many spiders, it may be because the house is too moist. Use a dehumidifier to lower moisture levels.

What’s The Best Solution For Eliminating Spiders?

The best and most effective solution to eliminating a house spider invasion in your home is to call the professionals. Action Pest Control will evaluate your property and identify areas where spiders can get in. We’ll take care of any current pest problems as well as help you choose a plan for preventing them in the future. Call us when you decide you are tired of letting these spiders run loose in your Indianapolis home.