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Tick Prevention Tips For Indianapolis Residents

a tick on someones hair

Ticks are the perfect example of how one small pest can cause big problems for humans. It can be hard to imagine that when paired up against a tick, the human is the one who can suffer severe consequences. Ticks are common around Indianapolis as well as throughout the entire United States. They are indeed small—usually smaller than 1/4 inch long and have a hard brown outer layer. When in action, their head projects forward from the body and they latch onto the skin of any mammal. All of their nutritional needs rely on and are completely satisfied by the blood of their victim. 

If you are bitten by a tick, you are at risk for a variety of diseases including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, and various other disease-causing agents. Ticks are frequently associated with Lyme disease, which can cause serious complications to humans and can affect the victim's entire life. Rocky Mountain spotted fever as well as Colorado tick fever are serious viruses and can even be deadly in cases where it is left untreated. As stated above, these small pests can cause very big problems to humans and other mammals. 

Homeowners may be wondering how they can protect their family and themselves from ticks. It all starts with protecting your property. Ticks usually populate wooded or grassy areas—so your backyard and any wooded areas on your property are where they are surviving and unfortunately reproducing. A female tick lays up to 3,000 eggs on the ground. That is a lot of ticks. A few of the best prevention tips include cutting the grass around your property very short, cutting back any wooded areas, and removing woodpiles, brush, and loose leaves away from the exterior of your home. To deter wildlife that carries ticks you'll want to properly store garbage in bins, and eliminate dense plant beds in close proximity to your home. You should also make sure that clotheslines are high enough as to prevent any clothing from hitting the ground, potentially picking up ticks as it does. Additionally, make sure to always double check family members and pets before entering your home after being outdoors.

When it comes down to truly protecting your property, and consequently your family, the best way to do so is to contact your local Indianapolis pest control company for help. Action Pest Control is the company for you. At Action Pest Control we provide the most comprehensive pest control services to homeowners. We offer different levels of protection for each unique situation and home—our best protection plan is the Premier option, which includes total protection along with unlimited service calls and is guaranteed. Action Pest Control promises to help protect your family and join in your fight against ticks.