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Preparing For Ant Season

fire ants fighting

March is when we start seeing ants in Terre Haute. The warmer it is, the quicker we see them. That's why now is the time to start preparing for ant season. Here are a few things you should know and some ant prevention tips that will guide you in how to prevent ants.

There are three types of ant-related problems we deal with in Terre Haute. Some ants get into trash cans and then climb around in food storage areas or on top of our counters and dishes, these ants are considered a health concern because they spread harmful bacteria. Some ants chew their way into wood and create tunnels and galleries. They're considered a home-damaging pest. Then there are the ants that are just a nuisance because they appear in hundreds, and even thousands, to climb around on things we would prefer they didn't climb on. All of these ants require a slightly different pest prevention strategy.

Ant Control For Bacteria-Spreading Ants

It is important to keep these ants out of your home so they can't get in and spread bacteria around. Do a detailed inspection of your foundation and seal any cracks or holes you find. Be sure to look closely around foundation windows, pipes, and wire conduit.

All ants enjoy the foods we eat, but keeping your exterior trash in sealed cans will be especially helpful in preventing infestations of this type of ant.

Ant Control For Wood-Damaging Ants

Carpenter ants love moist areas and moist or rotting wood. It is important to dry your foundation perimeter quickly if you want to prevent these ants from choosing your home to infest. Remove all items that are wood away from your foundation, and rake up leaves. Check your gutters and your exterior spigots to make sure you don't have conditions that would inspire wetness near your home.

Ant Control For Nuisance Ants

All ants can be a nuisance, even the ants from our other two categories. General ant control begins with reducing food options around your home. Most ants will eat food you recognize as food such as an apple sitting on the ground. But ants will also eat things you don't recognize as food such as aphids and ornamental plants. If you have plants around your home, it is best to enlist the aid of a home pest control professional. Tending plants creates moisture near your home and gives ants food options. This means those ants will need to be controlled with ant control products.

If you live in Terre Haute, or our extensive service area covering Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, give us a call. Ants are just one of over 40 household pests we cover with home pest control services.