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Problems Associated With Pest Birds We May Not Think About

a swallow flying over water

The warm weather is back, and one of the best parts of this improved weather is the reappearance of robins and other beautiful birds on your property, and while these birds may be pleasant to hear chirping and singing outdoors, having a pest bird infestation around your business can come with a whole host of problems. These birds can cause unwanted and expensive damages to businesses, as well as ruin the reputation and customer experience that business owners work so hard to maintain.

Damage from Birds

Local birds can cause many obvious problems, including being excessively noisy, blocking gutters with their nests, causing damage to eaves, windows and chimneys, not to mention getting their droppings on everything.

We often think of bird droppings as no more than an annoyance when they get on our windshields and sidewalks, but they can actually cause more problems than that. Bird’s droppings can carry diseases and parasites as well as attract flies and cockroaches, which can lead to a whole other host of pest-related problems.

Birds can also be carriers for fleas and ticks. As they take up residence in the trees around your property, they bring these pests with them, potentially infecting your employees and customers.

Getting Rid of Birds

Most of us don’t mind a little sparrow’s nest around our properties; in fact, we often invite birds to take up residence in birdhouses in our backyards. However, when an infestation of birds occurs, they will need to be removed.

The technicians at Action Pest Control are experts in handling all sorts of pests, including birds. We can provide humane services that will both remove and deter these pest birds. We can make structural modifications to your business, as well as use exclusion techniques to prevent pest birds from nesting on your property. We work to disperse the flock and remove the nest and roost as well as decontaminate afterward.

We can help you rid your property of particularly messy birds including pigeons, ducks, and geese which have no business being on your commercial property. Don’t let a bird problem damage the reputation of your business. Call Action Pest Control to help you with preventative measures as well as bird control!