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Why Are Wasps And Bees Invading My Owensboro Home?

a bee pollinating a flower

Though July is drawing to a close, that doesn’t mean that yellow jackets, wasps, and honey bees will go away. In fact, these stinging pests are still out in full force in Owensboro during this time of year! Due to the fact that these pests are most active during the late summer and are attracted to food and drink items, these stinging insects have the potential to make every picnic, pool party, and outdoor event a painful and annoying mess! This can lead to horrifying memories of a time that is meant to be stress-free and fun. No one wants to have to run for shelter to avoid stinging insects when the weather is so beautiful outside!

Now, let’s not forget that, though we don’t want these pests causing problems on our properties, some of them play an important role in sustaining our ecosystem. Wasps and yellow jackets liquify other insect pests such as spiders, flies, and caterpillars in order to feed them to their young, helping to reduce their populations. Honey bees provide the pollination that allows crops to grow and also make honey and wax that we can utilize.

While it’s easy to think that getting rid of the stinging pests on your property all is the solution to your backyard nightmares, don’t jump on the DIY bandwagon just yet. First of all, these methods aren’t guaranteed to work; instead of eliminating the insects, these DIY attempts may just make these insects become aggressive and begin stinging. Not only that, but these DIY methods can also have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem by eliminating these beneficial insects, especially when dealing with honey bees.

When it comes to stinging insects, it is always the best option to bring a professional pest control service on board. The pest control professionals have the appropriate equipment, and knowledge to take care of stinging insect problems efficiently and effectively without having a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

You can help avoid problems with wasps and bees on your property by making your yard less attractive to them. To avoid attracting these pests to your property, keep your trash cans a distance away from your home or any outdoor areas where you spend a lot of time and make sure they have tight-fitting lids on them. It is also a good idea to avoid wearing strong, aromatic perfumes or brightly patterned clothing outside as it may attract stinging insects to you. Also, be sure to keep foods covered and clean up food and drink spills immediately to avoid them drawing swarms of these pests to your yard. Lastly, drink cans should remain covered to avoid having one of these stinging insects crawl inside as this could lead to a painful disaster, especially for someone who is allergic to their venom.

If you are dealing with a stinging insect infestation on your Owensboro, KY property, don’t risk stinging insect removal on your own; call on Action Pest Control instead! We offer effective pest management solutions in a timely and professional manner that you can trust. Give us a call today for more information about how we can help solve all of your stinging insect problems!