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Fall Is Coming To Terre Haute And So Are The Pests

a lady bug near a home

Friday, September 22 marks the first day of fall this year and even though temperatures may not cool off right away, it won't be long before the fall-like weather arrives in Terre Haute. Along with falling leaves, homeowners should expect to see a variety of pests start seeking shelter and food in warmer places – like your house. Fall is a popular time to start seeing an increase of rodents, spiders, and ladybugs as well as other occasional invaders inside your home. It is important to act quickly and ensure you prevent the start of an infestation.

How To Help Control Fall Pest Problems

Pests gain access to your home in a number of ways. Cracks and crevices in foundations and walls are one of the most common places mice and problem bugs will enter your living space. But there are also other places you need to pay attention to – namely any vents, indoor mail slots, pet doors, and even your chimney opening. These areas should be screened over to keep pests out.

Cracks and foundation problems need to be properly sealed in all areas. Check weather stripping around windows and doors to seal off additional entry points and check all screens for holes or other defects. Inspect the areas around your home where standing water may result from poor drainage. Damp, wet environments not only cause additional damage to your home’s foundation, it can also attract pests.

Inside your home, it is important to keep floors and counters clean and free of crumbs and clutter. Pests are attracted to leftover foods and trash. Make sure to keep a secure lid on your garbage cans and keep food products in the refrigerator or well-sealed in a cabinet. Monitor pet feeding areas where roaches and mice may become attracted by the free meal. When not feeding your pets, remove food dishes from the floor until the next feeding time.

Outside, make sure your landscaping is maintained to avoid tall grass, which can attract pests. Keep shrubbery and plants neatly trimmed so they aren’t touching your home and providing a ladder for pests directly to your doors and windows. If you have firewood stored outside, keep it at least 20 feet away from your home, as many pests will be highly attracted to a wood pile and move in closer to your property.

Professional Help Is Always Best For Fall Pest Control

While homeowners are better off being proactive to prevent the entry of overwintering pests, not all do-it-yourself pest control tips will keep all pests outside where they belong. Having an experienced pest control company, like Action, handle your year-round home pest control will have a big impact on your success.

Because we have the experience and the right equipment, we can determine exactly which pests are at risk for invading your space. Based on our expert diagnosis, we can employ the right techniques and treatments to create barriers to keep pests out and eliminate any pests already infiltrating your home.

Our Terre Haute pest control services are particularly important leading up to the fall season when a multitude of pests are starting to make plans for the colder weather. From the smallest house mouse to long lines of ants, we have the right treatments to conquer and control a variety of pests. Routine monitoring and maintenance will ensure box elders, ladybugs, cockroaches and stink bugs don’t become a problem inside your residence during the cooler days of fall or when winter weather hits.