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Allergies, Asthma & Pests

little mouse hiding

Every spring, it’s the same old story that we all hear time and time again. Folks around us, whether they are from Lexington or from the four corners of the U.S.A., are sniffling and sneezing; sporting watery, itchy eyes; and carefully watching the pollen levels on their local weather forecast to see just how many times they are going to need medicine that will make them wish they were sleeping spring away. Allergies are one of the largest complaints this time of the year. Most people, including doctors and allergy medicine commercials all over the television, automatically blame it on the greenery that is coming to life around them. However, pests are on the move this time of the year, and if they have moved into your home, several of these unwelcome visitors can cause a variety of allergy symptoms.

Pests like mice, rats, and especially cockroaches can cause families the same kind of allergy symptoms that pollen allergy sufferers experience. Cockroaches, hidden deep inside the walls of a home, are often completely invisible to the homeowner for months. During that time, these bugs are feasting in your kitchen on whatever they can find. Whether they feast on crumbs under the stove and refrigerator or a box of cereal in the pantry, these pests are extraordinarily resourceful in finding a meal.

Cockroaches that make themselves at home in a location are also breeding and growing their population, and all those bugs are defecating, dying, and leaving saliva traces in hidden areas. That waste gets into the air, and as the family breaths it in, they quickly begin to suffer from asthma and allergy symptoms that may not have ever been present before. Children are particularly susceptible, but it can happen to anyone that spends a lot of time in the home. These symptoms might include coughing, congestion, wheezing, constant ear infections, sneezing, sinusitis, and even skin rashes.

If you have never been an allergy sufferer before or your symptoms are occurring when you normally do not have a problem, maybe it is time that you took a good look around your home at what might be hidden from your view. Then give the Indianapolis pest professionals here at Action Pest Control a call. Our residential pest control technicians are experts at seeking out any pests that might be affecting your health and that of your family. We have helped homeowners all over the Lexington area take control of their symptoms and get back to enjoying the season.