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Five Steps To Termite Freedom

big yellow termite

Termites are the cause of over $5 billion in structural damages every year as they chew their way through walls, floors, and cabinetry in homes and structures across the United States. Termites are basically silent, and your walls could be crawling with them before you even know you have them. With the average termite colony consisting of between sixty thousand and one million termites, if they take up residence in your Lexington home, it's only a matter of time before they begin causing extensive damages.

We have developed a process to eliminate and prevent future termite infestations. A process we like to call "five steps to termite freedom". We also stand by the system and provide a lifetime warranty to qualified properties.

5 Step Termite Control System

If you call us about a potential termite problem in Lexington or the surrounding areas, here are the steps we follow to take control of the situation and set you free:

Step One: Interior and Exterior Inspection

An Action Pest Control licensed professional will evaluate and inspect your property to identify a termite infestation and any termite damages.

Step Two: Termite Treatment

Next, our team will treat the area with Termidor®. Termites will travel through the treated areas, consuming and transferring Termidor® to the rest of the termite colony. It eliminates termites when they ingest it and when they touch it.

Step Three: 90 Day Re-inspection

We guarantee the 100% elimination of termites within three months. One of our representatives will return to your property 90 days after termite treatment to ensure the treatment worked.

Step Four: Annual Inspection

Every year, our team will visit your property for an evaluation to make sure there are no signs of termite infestation.

Step Five: Money-Back Guarantee

We know our termite elimination system works, and we back it with a money-back guarantee and added damage warranty of $250,000. For qualifying structures, we will even offer a lifetime warranty (just ask us about this for details).

Take Action At The First Signs Of Termites

Termite colonies grow fast. The longer they're in your home chewing away at the interior wood, the more damage they will cause. If you find evidence of damages caused by termites or just want to take precautionary measures to protect your home or business from becoming the victim of a termite attack, give Action Pest Control a call. We're ready to set you free from termites in five easy steps!