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Fleas: When To Turn To The Professionals

a flea on a human

When the spring season finally rolls around most Louisville residents are excited for the longer days, warmer weather, blooming flowers, and greener grass. One thing, however, that nobody is looking forward to is the resurgence of fleas that happens every spring in Louisville. That’s right the warm weather of spring causes flea populations in our areas to spike. That is why now is the perfect time to learn all you can about fleas, including when it is time to raise the white flag and call for help to eliminate these parasitic pests from your home and property!

Before we talk about how to get rid of fleas, it is first important to understand how these tiny parasitic pests make their way into your Louisville home. Whether you own twenty cats, one dog, or no pets at all, any home and/or property can become infested with fleas. The most common way that fleas enter onto properties is by way of wild animals. Squirrels, deer, mice, skunks, and more travel through and live on your property, rudely dropping fleas off of their bodies and onto your lawn as they go! Fleas feed on mammal blood and in general take advantage of whatever host they happen to run into. Fleas will happily hitchhike their way into any home after coming into contact with you, your children, or pets.

Other ways that fleas find their way inside of homes include:

  • On used furniture, clothing and rugs that are purchased and are infested with fleas or flea eggs.
  • When your pet (especially if they are not treated with a flea preventative) comes into contact with another pet that is infested with fleas while they are at the vet’s, a boarding facility, or the park.
  • When mice or other wild animal invaders get into your home and introduce fleas inside.
  • When you have moved into a new home or apartment and the previous owners had pets, flea eggs may have been left behind which eventually hatch and infest your belongings.

Fleas are super tiny, really no bigger than a fleck of dirt, so how many problems could they cause? We are here to tell you that fleas, despite their small size, can cause huge issues inside of homes! Not only are they super annoying, but they are super dangerous as well, fleas carry and transmit some serious parasites and diseases.

Fleas have the ability to infect both you and your pets with dog tapeworm and rodent tapeworm, they can also transmit murine typhus and other diseases. Flea bites are super itchy and many pets and people can have allergic reactions to their saliva which can lead to a pretty severe case of dermatitis. The constant scratching that is associated with fleas bites can lead to an infection that requires medical treatment. And last, but certainly not least, a severe flea infestation on your dog or cat can lead to them becoming very ill due to anemia.

So when should you get professional help for fleas inside your home? The answer is easy, as soon as you see these tiny pests in your home! Fleas reproduce very quickly and leave their eggs all over your home. Once fleas have invaded your home and property the only way to truly eliminate them is to find and treat not only the adults, but the eggs and cocoons as well. At Action Pest Control we have a flea control solution that will do just that, kill all the adults, eggs, and cocoons. By adding flea control onto one of our year-round residential pest control services and working with your pet's veterinarian to treat them for fleas you can ensure that your Louisville home will become and stay flea free inside and out this spring season!

Contact Action Pest Control today to learn more about our Louisville flea control services and our year-round residential pest control services!