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Keep The Bugs Out Of Your Business With Action Pest Control

a bed bug up close

When your clients and visitors do business with your company, you want them to be greeted with a smiling face, not cockroaches and other pests. If you don’t have a handle on your pest control, you will have more visitors at your front door, and they won't be there to spend money. In fact, failing to control bugs and pests can cost you more in the long run. You need an action plan to get rid of and to deter pests, and Action Pest Control in the Evansville area is your best choice.

Who Is Action Pest Control?

Action Pest Control in Evansville is a company with solid roots in the community. It is a local business that has been serving the Evansville area for decades. Even with stiff competition of more than 15,000 companies in the business, Action Pest Control ranks among the top 100 in the pest control industry. Action Pest Control continues to earn impressive awards and accolades from the industry professionals, and it is one of the most trusted names in commercial pest control.

Meet The Team

Action Pest Control – a QualityPro certified business – employs more than 70 local professionals to tackle your business's pest control needs. They live and work in the community, which means they know what your business needs to deter bugs and pests of all sizes. Action Pest Control sets itself apart from the rest because it also employs board-certified entomologists to tackle all your business’s pest needs.

What We Do

Action Pest Control knows your business’s pest control needs don’t end when you close your doors for today. In fact, that is when your business can face a real pest control emergency. Action Pest Control guarantees a 24/7 emergency response to your needs. When Action Pest Control arrives, it provides your company with a free inspection and completes a written, comprehensive safety response program so your company gets the best attention and equipment to get the job done right every time.

Benefits As A Customer

As an Action Pest Control client, your business benefits from:

  • Easy payment options
  • New and effective pest control technology and equipment
  • Environmentally friendly pest control solutions
  • Control, sanitation, reduction and exclusion services
  • Friendly, personalized service

Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Action Pest Control does not cater to one facet of your company’s commercial pest control needs. Action Pest Control’s comprehensive plan of attack includes the following commercial pest control services:

  • Thorough and comprehensive inspection to develop an effective IPM program
  • Pest monitoring with the use of glue boards, traps, baits, and monitoring stations
  • Pest identification for appropriate control solutions
  • Area sanitation inspection and recommendations
  • Exclusion services to deter pests and prevent entry
  • Reduction in areas for harborage and nesting
  • Pest control chemical applications that do not cause unnecessary harm to the environment
  • Detailed record-keeping to provide businesses and legal bodies with an application services overview and comprehensive history of pest activity

Read the reviews: Action Pest Control is a top choice for locals. When you make good business decisions, Action Pest Control makes the list.