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Two Interesting Facts About Fall Spiders

a cellar spider up close

There is a lot that can be said about spiders. And, with more than 70,000 species of arachnid in the world, there are many interesting facts we could share. But, with fall here and winter right around the corner, we feel it is appropriate to share with you two interesting facts that pertain to how likely a spider will be to enter your home as temperatures begin to drop. After all, we're a pest control company. Understanding how pests get in, and how to keep them out, is our primary mission.

Interesting fact number one: spiders have antifreeze. Yup. It's true. Spiders have what are called Antifreeze Proteins (AFP). These proteins bind to ice crystals that develop in the "blood" of a spider and slow their growth. This allows some spider species to survive temperatures as low as -5° C. So, the spiders crawling around your home don't have to get into your home when it gets cold outside. They do just fine without you.

Interesting fact number two: spiders are cold-blooded creatures. What does it mean to be cold-blooded? Well, it doesn't mean that they prefer to be in the freezing cold. It just means that their body temperature is the same as the soil, water, or air around them. It also means that they don't shiver. But, they are still affected by temperatures. When it gets cold, they start to slow down to conserve energy. If it gets too cold, they will go dormant. At freezing temperatures, most cold-blooded creatures die. But, spiders have those AFPs to keep them from dying. On the other hand, warm temperatures make cold-blooded insects more active.

So, does this mean spiders aren't going to try to get into your home when temperatures drop? Sadly, no. While they won't choose to come into your home to get out of the cold, they may decide that your home is a better place to be if they can find a food source like flies and other small insects. Even though they can brave the winter, they may decide the summertime temperatures and available food sources in your home are more desirable than hiding under a piece of bark until spring arrives.

If you would prefer to not share your home with spiders, we understand. That is why we provide homes in Louisville, and our extensive service area of Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana, the most comprehensive and effective pest services available.

Before spiders try to get into your home, take action and get Action. Action Pest Control. Fall and winter are a whole lot nicer without spiders.