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Hundreds Of Ladybugs

lady bug on a leaf

In our service area of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, we are often called on to deal with lady bugs. If you're reading this, and you have never had a lady bug problem, you're probably thinking it is pretty silly to call a pest control company to deal with cute, harmless lady bugs. But, if you've ever had a lady bug problem, you know exactly why it is a good idea to call a professional.

One lady bug is cute. Hundreds of lady bugs? Not cute at all.

  • When lady bugs start crawling all over your screens, piling up on window sills, and getting inside your home, they can be quite disgusting.
  • Lady bugs excrete a smelly, yellow substance that can cause stains.
  • Lady bugs have a smell to them. If you get enough lady bugs, you'll start to notice a scent that some describe as burnt rubber or hot tar.
  • When lady bugs die inside your wall voids, they can lure other undesirable pests to live inside your home, like carpet beetles.
  • Lady bugs are cute, until you find one in your morning bowl of cereal.

We could continue with our list of ways lady bugs can be irritating, but you get the point. These pretty little beetles are great until they start collecting on the outside of our homes or coming inside by the dozens, and even hundreds. But, as frustrating as these beetles can be, what is even more frustrating is trying to keep them out with do-it-yourself pest control.

Even if you seal every possible entry point and make sure all your door and window screens are in perfect working order, they can still find a way in. DIY control products have limited success. Natural deterrents don't stop them. And, there are only so many times you can go at these bugs with a vacuum cleaner before you've had all you can stand.

At Action Pest Control, we employ educated pest specialists who are trained in the most advanced home pest control protocols available. They know exactly what is needed to keep these bugs out of your home.

If you've had it with lady bugs, we get it. These bugs can drive anyone over the edge. Fortunately, you don't have to fight them alone. Reach out to us right here on our webpage and let us help you seal your exterior walls up, and keep these and other overwintering pests out. When bugs begin to invade, it is time to take action and get Action.