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Termites: A Silent Destroyer

termites destroying wood

Each year, thousands of people across the country will assume that because the weather has become colder and there are no insects to speak of flying about that there is nothing to worry about. Sadly, many pests do not have an off-season. Before the weather turned, pests were on the move looking for a cozy place to spend the winter; and there is a great chance that they found that inside the walls of your home. Some of those pests are harmless. Pests such as the boxelder bugs or lady bug will find their way back out in the spring - not that you want them to spend the winter with you. But understand that if those pests found their way in, so did some pests that are much more destructive. Pests like termites do not take the winter off because it is cold outside. Your home is nice and warm year-round making it the perfect environment to continue their work throughout the entire year.

Often referred to as the ‘silent destroyer’, the termite has earned this title. Like any other bad houseguest, the termite will eat you out of house and home, literally. It is important to realize that they are not like ants or roaches that you might find scurrying across your floor; these pests live inside your walls and ceilings, in the beams that make up the structural strength of your home, and under your floors. Typically, a home that does not have regular monitoring by a professional pest control company has no idea that termites have even found their way in until the damage that they have cause is visible in the living spaces of the home. By that time, they could have done thousands of dollars in damage.

Termite damage can be tough to spot at first. You might notice a darkening or sagging in your ceiling that you could mistake as water damage. You may also see tunneling in any exposed beams, either in your living space or attic. That is likely not just a flaw in the wood, and it doesn’t add character to the home. Other signs include any exposed wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it or that is discolored, peeling, or blistered.

Do not wait until you see the signs of termites before you call a professional service like Action Pest Control to come inspect your Lexington home. With proper termite monitoring services, termite infestations can be found and eliminated before they can do significant damage to your property. Regular inspections and treatment are worth every penny to save your family costly repairs and give you peace of mind all year long. Give Action Pest Control a call today to see how we can affordably help you protect your home from termites with our effective termite control services.