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Putting Up With Birds In Evansville?

a pigeon looking right a head

There are a lot of things in life we just put up with. This is especially true for business owners. There is no way to control everything. If you own a business, you have to deal with employee personalities, irritated customers, city code enforcers, governmental inspections, rain, snow, and a whole host of other things. But you don't have to put up with birds. If you have pest birds nesting where they shouldn't be, leaving feces you have to clean up, making noise you would rather not have, contaminating food sources, damaging your business, or doing something else that is driving you crazy, you don't have to live with it. There is a way to make bird problems go away.

3 Ways Bird Specialists Repel Birds

  1. Exclusion installations are bird deterrents that make birds feel unwelcome. There are a wide variety of deterrents available for a wide variety of exclusion needs. If you have machinery that could get damaged by birds, netting can keep birds away from getting into places they shouldn't. If you have ledges or rooflines that birds like to congregate on, bird spikes are a visual reminder that your ledges are not for perching. There are solutions for all situations.
  2. Reducing food sources can have an effect on bird populations. If you have exposed food sources, a professional can bring it to your attention. Birds can feed on a surprising list of foods, some of which you would never consider eating. If you take away the food, many birds will choose somewhere else to congregate.
  3. Birds need shelter from the elements. This will drive them to search your property for secluded places to use as harborage. Harborage needs vary with bird species. Some birds are small and able to build nests in rafters or in small holes in your roofline. Others are large, and will need larger spaces to establish a nest. When birds of all shapes and sizes find a way into your attic spaces, it can be quite a mess to clean up. Sealing holes and blocking entry points is not only going to prevent the damage and clean up problems associated with invading birds, it will also make your property less inviting to birds.

If you have a bird problem you wish would just go away, the bird specialists here at Action Pest control can take care of it. We serve Evansville with the most advanced bird control protocols available in the industry, and our team has the education and experience to get the job done right. Roll out the unwelcome mat, and say goodbye to bird problems, with state-of-the-art bird control from Action Pest Control.