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The Dangers Of Droppings

a pigeon on the dirty ground

Do you own or run a business? Has there ever been a time when you wished you had known something before it had caused you a big headache? There are thousands of details to keep track of when running a business, and problems can rise up out of seemingly harmless things. Birds are one of those things.

There is something fascinating about a creature that can fly. This can make it hard to recognize birds as a danger when they appear around our businesses. But, it doesn't matter what type of business you own, birds can create issues. One of the most common issues comes from the waste they leave behind.

Here are 7 ways bird droppings can affect your business:

  1. Bird droppings are a slipping hazard. If you have walkways, birds can make those areas slick with their excrement. For employees, this can lead to a workmen's compensation claim. For customers, it can lead to a lawsuit.
  2. Some birds have droppings that are corrosive. A pigeon's droppings, for instance, can eat through concrete and deface a statue, quite literally.
  3. Bird droppings can contain harmful bacteria. Pest birds commonly eat from dumpsters and trash heaps, picking up these harmful bacteria in what they eat.
  4. Droppings can contain diseases. The four most common diseases are salmonella, trichomoniasis, aspergillosis, and avian pox, but bird feces are also connected to the spread of histoplasmosis, a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person once it is contracted.
  5. Since droppings may have harmful bacteria or diseases, they can lead to the contamination of food.
  6. Droppings are also unsightly. The presence of dropping on or around your business can make it less inviting.
  7. It costs money to clean droppings. This is an unneeded expense for your business.

Bird droppings are a danger to food products, reputation, employees, and customers. But, with the implementation of modern bird control measures, you can give those birds a gentle reminder to stay where they belong.

Do you love birds? The specialists here at Action Pest Control love birds too; which is why all of our trapping and control measures are designed to treat birds humanely. Our goal is to ensure the safety of humans without compromising the safety of the birds that we control. Through exclusions and building modifications we make your building, warehouse, or facility less attractive to passing birds, and prevent roosting and congregation.

Ask your Action Pest Control agent about our long list of bird control options and find out which ones will work best to keep your business safe from the accidental influence of pest birds. You have enough to worry about. Let our certified specialists worry about those birds.