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Leave Fumigation To The Professionals

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The eradication of pests is an ongoing, daunting task that has plagued homeowners and business owners for centuries. Many products are sold over the counter to novices and DIY individuals. Unfortunately, many of the products are either inferior and unsuccessful or harmful to the environment. At times, pest control companies must step up the choice of treatment to a more radical level. One of those methods of treatment is fumigation.

While not an exclusive list, some of the pests that have needed fumigation for total eradication are termites, bed bugs, and fleas. The fumigation services are usually needed when an infestation has been ignored and is too far advanced for routine treatment. Fumigation is a method of treatment where a fumigant can exist in a gaseous state under specific temperature and pressure. This gaseous fumigant or chemical will then be released in a concentration that will quickly and successfully eradicate pests.

Fumigation is almost always 100% effective in the eradication of the targeted pest. The selected fumigant will eliminate eggs, pupae, larvae, and adults. It is also a rapid solution to your pest problem. The fumigant or gaseous chemical will reach those areas that are out of sight and hard to reach. It will get into places where sprays and traps simply cannot.

The question of fumigation being a DIY method is usually solved with the knowledge of what is involved in fumigation treatments. For example, an entire building or house that is being fumigated is often covered with a special tent to create a sealed environment. This first step is often the most difficult for the novice to attempt. Once the area is sealed, a fumigant or gaseous chemical is released into the space. This gas must fill the area of treatment for a specific period of time to allow the fumigant to reach every nook and cranny, killing all targeted pests. Post treatment requires the building or space to be properly ventilated, removing the gaseous chemical and allowing the space to once again be safe for humans and pets. Any of these steps have multiple areas for mistakes and failures when attempted by a novice.

At Action Pest Control, we have a dedicated fumigation team that provides efficient and reliable fumigation services for both structural and container fumigation. Our fumigation professionals are highly trained and will provide the most appropriate customized treatment for your individual pest needs. We are a recognized leader when it comes to performing some of the largest structural fumigation as well as single family homes and container fumigation. Leave the worry to us and contact Action Pest Control for all your fumigation needs.