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Are Mice A Winter Pest?

mouse in pantry

Mice are definitely a winter pest. But they are not just a winter pest. While it is certainly true that cold weather is going to drive these animals to chew their way into your home, they don't just infest homes during the winter months.

Mice are commensal creatures that would rather live off the scraps they can find in your house than what they can find in nature. These are small animals with many natural predators. It is dangerous for mice to live off the land, and the fact that your home is a lot safer than the woods or the meadows doesn't go unnoticed by mice. If they can also find food or water in your home, they are likely to stay.

Mice Threats

When mice get into a home they can pose many problems. They chew holes through wood and drywall, often in places that are hard to get at. This can lead to higher energy costs as cold air leaks out in the summer and warm air leaks out in the winter. They also like to chew on wires, which can lead to a house fire. When they get into food storage areas, silverware drawers, dish cabinets, or crawl on food prep surfaces, they can spread harmful bacteria. What's worse, the illness caused by mice is often mistaken for the flu or the common cold. Mice may also carry parasites into your home, such as ticks, fleas, lice, and mites.

Mice Deterrents

Since mice are looking for food and water, preventing them from getting these can cause mice to find another, more suitable place to live. Water sources can usually be fixed by stopping weeping pipes, leaking faucets, and not leaving water dishes for cats and dogs out overnight on the kitchen floor. Keeping stored food safe requires more effort. All stored goods need to be kept in hard plastic containers. This keeps the smells in and the mice out. But containing all food and water in your home isn't a guarantee that rodents will leave. They can still live in your home and find food sources outside of your home.

When mice get in, they are highly motivated to stay simply because your home is safer than the outside; but it is unwise to live with these destructive, illness spreading animals. Call a professional rodent control company and have those mice removed.

Mice aren't just a winter pests. Mice are truly a pest we have to worry about throughout the year. Consider getting year-round home pest control from these and all the other pests that are a danger to your home and your family with services from Action Pest Control. There are enough challenges to deal with in life without adding mice-related illness, parasites, or a house fire to that list.