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How Do I Protect My Pet From Ticks And Fleas In Louisville?

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Pets aren't just animals that live with us; they're part of our families. Whether you're the type of person who puts clothing on your favorite fluffy friend and lets them eat at the table or just someone who can't imagine living life without having an animal to love--and to love you back-- you care about protecting them from harmful pests.

Ticks and fleas in Louisville act like ticks and fleas found in every other state. Since these little biters don't change much from state to state, these tips can be applied to you and your pet even if you live outside of Kentucky.

Flea And Tick Protection Checklist

  • The first line of defense for your pets are the products that are provided by your veterinarian. Discuss the details with them as to what they feel will work best for your pet.
  • Check your pets daily. While finding fleas on your pet won't do much to protect them, finding ticks can. It takes 24-48 hours for Lyme disease and some other illnesses to go from a tick to your pet.
  • Choose where to take your pets. Every time you go outside with your pet, there is a chance they can get ticks or fleas, but choosing where you go can reduce the chances of ticks. Ticks are found mostly in tall grass and in the woods.
  • Keep ticks and fleas out of your yard. If you allow your animals to go out into your yard, they have the potential to pick up these parasites every time they go out. That is why it is important to protect that area from wildlife traffic. When wild animals or stray animals pass through your yard, they can leave ticks and fleas as they go. Consider putting a fence around the area you let your animals roam.
  • Pest control. There are programs that can reduce fleas and ticks in your yard. A pest control company can also help you keep pest animals, such as rats and mice, from getting into your home and spreading these parasites around.
  • Soap and water. If you get fleas, it is important to wash all the fabrics in your house and clean the area where your pet sleeps. A washer and dryer will kill fleas in all stages of development.

If you live in Louisville, make flea, tick, and rodent control a part of your ongoing pest services with Action Pest Control. When you integrate these services seamlessly into your ongoing pest plan, you win, your family wins, and your pets win too.