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Who Needs A Termite Inspection In Louisville?

termites in a mud tube

It's a very good question, because termites are a serious threat to U.S. homeowners. Once these pests get into a structure, they feed on that structure, non-stop, 24 hours a day, all year long. So, who needs a termite inspection Louisville? The answer is anyone facing any of the following situations.

If you have wood products in your yard

Wood piles, scrap piles, construction materials, and other wooden items in your yard are an attractant for termites, especially if the wood is wet and resting on the ground. Mulch near your home will also bring termites near. If you have any of these things, your home is at greater risk, and it is a good idea to get an inspection.

If you notice signs of an infestation

Have you seen any of the following signs?

  • Termite swarmers on exterior walls.
  • Shed swarmer wings.
  • Mud tubes on your foundation.
  • Warped windows or sloped floors.
  • Walls that bulge.
  • Doors that stick.
  • Swarmers on inside walls.
  • Clicking sounds inside your walls.

If your home has water damage

Since termites are drawn to wet wood, if you have water damage or areas that are always wet because of standing water or improperly directed rain spouts, there is a greater chance that you have termites. A certified termite inspection will let you know for sure.

So who needs a termite inspection?

Everyone who owns a home can benefit from having their house inspected for termites. Even if none of the above applies to you, catching termites early can prevent major damage to your home and your equity. Don't let termites eat away at your property, take action and get Action. Contact us today to learn more about our Louisville termite control solutions.