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Save Energy And Money With Attic Insulation

insulation in a home

There are a couple things that are of interest to all homeowners regarding the safety, upkeep, and efficiency of a home. One of those concerns is to somehow keep it pest-free. This helps maintain a healthy environment for people and pets while preserving the structural integrity of the home. The other area in which all homeowners are interested is for the home to be as energy efficient as possible. The residents of Indianapolis and the greater surrounding area are fortunate. They can, when contacting Action Pest Control, receive professional assistance in both areas of concern with one phone call.

It is impossible to adequately discuss the benefits of proper attic insulation without also mentioning the disadvantages and potential danger of having a poorly insulated attic. Most everyone understands that hot air rises; therefore, an improperly insulated attic will yield the greatest heat loss. Not only does this cause a loss of heat, it also creates additional damages when warm air escapes into the attic. Warm, moist air gets trapped into a cold attic and creates an opportunity for mold to form. The warm air also causes snow to melt on the roof. The melted snow runs down to the edge of the eaves and freezes. This creates an ice buildup that eventually will cause a water leak inside the house. These potentially damaging and costly issues can be rectified with properly installed attic insulation.

Action Pest Control has been providing Indianapolis residents with superior Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions for more than sixty years. This is done with no disruption of the home, and family and pets are kept totally safe. Action does more than just insulate your attic. They use a product called cellulose that is 85% recycled paper fiber. This cellulose insulation also has an additive that increases fire resistance. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the cellulose insulation forms a charred surface barrier that limits the spreading of fire. The cellulose insulation also serves as a good noise suppressant.

An additional benefit of properly applied attic insulation is the lowering of energy expenses. The density properties of cellulose insulation will drastically reduce the transfer of heat, keeping heating and cooling systems from having to work nearly as hard. This saves on energy bills as well as increasing the longevity of the heating and cooling systems.

Action Pest Control also understands the importance of preserving the environment. Action’s cellulose insulation is made from recycled, natural resources. This cuts down on landfill waste and limits gas emissions during manufacturing.

Don’t let your energy costs escape through the roof. Contact Action Pest Control today and get peace of mind while preserving energy expenses with properly installed attic insulation.