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Are Pest Birds A Problem For Your Business?

a goose and a baby

While there are some who enjoy watching birds and even go so far as to transform their backyards into places that attract fowl, for business owners and managers, birds are bad news.

Most business districts offer flat roofs and plenty of perching space, not to mention dumpsters full of edible treats for pigeons and other birds. The problem is their droppings can create slippery and unsightly messes on sidewalks, they damage building equipment, and their waste can spread disease such as salmonella, meningitis, and toxoplasmosis. Not only are pest bird problems unattractive to potential customers, they’re a health and safety risk, and the cleanup and repairs can be expensive.

Even when the weather turns and many birds head south, there are some that will stay put and wait out the winter hunkered down in parking lots, on buildings, and other places around commercial facilities. Birds such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows, among others are hardy. They will stay right where they know that there’s access to shelter and food to get them through. Occasionally these birds will try to nest in gutters causing leaking which can lead to roof damage and water damage to interior walls. They will also sometimes try to nest in ventilation units, causing the machinery to fail, or in the rafters of your building bringing their mess inside.

Is your business suffering because of a pest bird population? Action Pest Control can help! Our bird control specialists will inspect your business and discuss with you the modifications that need to be made to discourage birds from overstaying their welcome. This could include changes to the structure and the roof to eliminate attractive perching and roosting places as well as nest removal and cleanup of the mess that the birds have left behind. We will also implement exclusion techniques to prevent the birds from coming back.

Let Action Pest Control take care of your pest bird problem so that you can focus on running a business and not those pesky birds. Contact us today!