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Battling Ants In Lexington

ants eating spilled food

Do you have ants in your Lexington home? Do you feel like you're losing the battle? It is not surprising, considering the fact that the ratio of ants to humans on earth is just about 17.2 million to one. That's right, 17.2 million ants to one of you. What's worse is that our efforts to kill these invaders with chemicals only increases their numbers and makes them more able to thrive. It is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Here is what you may not know about the ants in your Lexington home.

You can kill thousands of ants and only make your problem worse. Those chemicals you're using won't kill them all. This is an insect that has been found to resist radiation and industrial pollution. In fact, those chemicals you're using are more successful at killing the predatory species that would be keeping those ants in check. When infected ants make their way back to their colony, they leave that chemical as they go. Once those chemicals wipe out predators like nematodes and other competitor insects, your ants are free to re-colonize freshly cleared tunneling.

  • Killing ants also has the potential to split a colony. When a colony senses that it is being threatened, it responds defensively by producing new female reproductive. These new queens journey out and create new colonies.
  • Sealing cracks is not enough to keep ants out. You can shellac your home in caulk and cover your entire basement wall with a viscous epoxy and still have ants getting in. Some ant species are known to scale exterior walls and climb in through vulnerable rooflines before making their way down and into your kitchen.
  • Ants aren't just an irritant. Those hundreds of ants crawling around on your garbage cans may seem disgusting all by themselves, but when you realize that all of those tiny feet are picking up harmful bacteria and spreading it to your counters, shelves, and cabinets, your ant problem takes on a whole new level of disgusting.

How do the experts suggest you keep ants out of your Lexington home?

  • Figure out what those ants are eating in your home. If it is a pet food dish, put that dish away between meals. If it is an apple core, tell you kids to stop leaving fruit carcasses around the house. If the ants are going after the crumbs around your toaster, you know what needs to be done. Keeping things clean will keep ants from targeting your home.
  • If cleaning seems like too much of a pain, consider getting a pest control company to do treatments in and around your home. This will prevent ants from scaling your walls and keep them from squeezing in through the tiniest of gaps and cracks.

In the Lexington area, Action Pest Control is the company to call when dealing with pest ants. We have a proven track record and the experience to effectively control ants from your home. Get Action and get ant-free.