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Louisville Ants In Winter

a big ant up close

As you stand in your kitchen watching the line of ants going across your counter and under the toaster, you might be asking yourself the question: "Don't ants hibernate in winter?" Yes. They do. The problem is, it isn't winter inside your home. If the temperature is right, and a food source is available, ants can cause you trouble all year round. They will infest pantry items, scour your kitchen for spills, and burrow channels through the wood of your home.

When ants in Louisville start creeping and crawling all over your food--and even inside your food--you may be tempted to scour the internet for do-it-yourself home remedies. But there are three things you need to know before you waste a lot of time and money.

  • Home remedies can actually make your problem worse. You might kill a few ants, but you'll cause them to scatter throughout your home. When this happens, they will be tempted to make brand new colonies. With a single colony having thousands, and even millions, of ants, things can quickly go from bad to worse.
  • Home concoctions can be dangerous, and sometimes deadly. It is never a good idea to use chemicals without a thorough knowledge of how to properly mix and contain those chemicals.
  • Do-it-yourself methods that focus on cleaning to get ants to go away are only half the solution. Be keeping your house clean and sealing food stores, you can deter ants from coming out in the open or invading your cabinets, but they are still inside your walls. If you have carpenter ants, this can be a serious problem.

To protect your Louisville home from ants, you'll need to seal up entry points and have all the ants living in your wall voids eradicated. A company like Action Pest Control has board certified entomologists who know how to properly locate and destroy ant colonies.

Getting rid of ants in your Louisville home is only the first step. To keep ants and other invasive pests from damaging your home, spreading illness, and infesting your food, you should look into a year-round pest control program like Action's Termapest plans. They cover over 40 invasive pests, guard against termites, inspect for bed bugs, and keep rodents and other wildlife from gaining entry. Consider investing in your home and your family. Get year-round home pest protection and see what a pest-free life looks like. You'll wonder how you ever lived with all those bugs.