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Your Business Is Not For The Birds

a pigeon perched on cement

The secret to keeping birds from congregating on a business is training them to choose other places to roost and gather. This is done with exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest and roost removal, roost decontamination and flock dispersion. But deterring birds can be a challenge. No two businesses are the same, and some businesses require special deterrents in order to meet aesthetic guidelines imposed by municipalities. When it comes to keeping birds away, you need the help of a professional with a history of successfully excluding birds. Here are a few of the challenges a pest bird specialist needs to know how to overcome.

  • Keep birds from getting into open areas in the structure of your building. Some architectural designs have hollow pockets birds will use to roost.
  • Birds gather on roofs. If your business has a large flat roof, it can be tricky to get birds to stay off it.
  • Birds will get into air conditioning units on your roof. Knowing how to protect these sensitive items is essential.
  • Your specialist needs to know what conditions are luring birds onto your property. An expert will inspect for food and water sources and outline a plan to protect or remove them. Your specialist will also know what conditions lure pest birds in for harborage. You can put all the nets in the world up, but if you don't get rid of attractants, birds will continue to plague your business.
  • Some birds are clever. They will roost and perch around bird spikes that have been improperly installed. You bird control technician needs to know which birds are a problem for your business, and which exclusion techniques will work best.
  • Some exclusion methods just don't work. There are a lot of companies out there, selling a lot of bird deterrent products. Your specialist needs to know which are industry standard, and which will do nothing to keep birds away.

Bird issues can cost a company thousands in property damage, maintenance costs, liability, and damaged reputation. Don't trust your complex bird control issues to just anyone. Action Pest Control has over 20 years solving bird problems for businesses--even the difficult ones. Whether you have a few pigeons making your storefront unsightly, or a thousand starlings perching on your factory roofs, Action Pest Control has the expertise and experience to effectively exclude those birds.

Providing pest bird control to Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and surrounding states including Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan and Missouri, contact Action Pest Control to keep your business from going to the birds.