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When Are Fumigations Needed?

brown recluse in a home

If you have a home that has been overrun by a dangerous pest, like brown recluse spiders, you don't want to take any chances. You need a pest control method that can get pest control material in every nook and crack. If you run a commercial food store facility and you have discovered boll weevils, psocids, beetles or meal moths, you can't afford to miss getting all of these pests. Fumigation services are almost 100% effective in exterminating all targeted pests, and most of the time with one treatment. If you're dealing with bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, and agricultural pests, this is often the best treatment option to fully cleanse a home or business. It is like flipping the reset button on bugs.

Are Fumigation Services Safe?

If done by a professional, fumigations are completely safe. Knowledgeable technicians know which pest control materials to use and how to channel fumigants to where they need to be. A company like Action Pest Control, which services Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan and Missouri, which does fumigations on a regular basis, is able to fumigate in some of the most complex situations, like apartment housing units and pharmaceutical plants. When looking for a fumigation specialist, search for the qualifications Action Pest Control has: large service area, a state-certified workforce, board-certified entomologists, a written and comprehensive safety program, and over 50 years of experience.

Fumigants can be used on something as large as a commercial food storage plant to something as small as an antique clock. These fumigants will not harm food that is stored in airtight bags or containers, canned goods, corked wine bottles, and other sealed objects. The fumigants used will evaporate, leaving no residue. Even dishes will not have to be rewashed after the fumigation process.

What Type Of Businesses Need Fumigation?

Any business that is dealing with pests living in walls or in hard to reach places. Action Pest Control has serviced flour mills, barges, tractor trailers, warehousing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, food plants, seed processors, feed manufacturers, grain bins, railcars, museum collections, commodities, and residential structures.

Does your home or business need a reset? Eradicate all current infestations and get your exterior walls sealed by partnering with a pest control company with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.