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Interesting Facts About Spiders

a house spider on a floor

Spiders are amazing. These resilient predators can be found in every country and every continent in the world except Antarctica. Commonly confused as insects, spiders are actually in the arachnid family. The differentiating feature is that they have eight legs instead of six. Of all arachnids--which include scorpions and ticks--spiders make up the largest part and share an ability to spin thread from their abdomens and inject venom into their prey. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about spiders.

There are over 40,000 species of spiders in the world, and all of them have venom--if only a little. Some have mouth parts that are able to pierce human skin, and some do not, but all spiders are equipped to bite their prey.

Most spiders have eight eyes, but not all. Some species of spiders actually have no eyes. At the same time, others can have as many as twelve. Though they have many eyes, few spiders can see anything more than the subtle difference between light and dark. They rely on tough vibrations and taste stimuli to find their prey.

Spiders are not interested in human blood. Therefore, they have no interest in biting you. If you find a spider on your skin, don't squish it. This will frighten the spider and cause it to bite you. Removing spiders is best done with a flick.

In most cases, male spiders are smaller and more colorful than females. In some species, the male can be small enough to look like a fresh hatchling.

Some female spiders eat their mate. This can happen even during mating. This strange behavior is what gave the black widow spider its name, even though there are three species of North American black widow that do not generally kill their partner. These male spiders can be found living on the web of females for a while.

Spiders can be found everywhere. Floating on a silk balloon at 12,000 feet, living underwater their entire lives, or skating across the water like a water bug. And this remarkable creature comes in many shapes and sizes.

Many spiders are smart and can learn the behavior patterns of other spiders in order to capture them. Studies have also shown that they are able to solve simple 3-D puzzles.

Some cultures consider them a delicacy, and others make amulets that look like them, considering spiders to be good luck in matters of finance. They are an inspiration for comic artists and the muse of many horror film directors. And even the tiniest spider can cause a full-grown human to come unglued.

Spiders are amazing. But you don't need them in your Louisville home. For Louisville spider control, call Action Pest Control, and protect your family from spiders.