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Chicago Still The #1 City With Bed Bugs | Action Pest Control

dark photo of a bed bug in a home

If you live in the Windy City, I have bad news for you. Not only does Chicago have bed bugs, it has "the most" bed bugs. Each year Orkin puts out a list of top bed bug infested cities in the United States, based on how many bed bug treatments were performed. If you'd like to take a look at the list, you canĀ find it here. For three years in a row Chicago has topped this list. If you frequent the city, or live in it, I'm sure this comes as no shock to you. In 2014 news reports were filled with stories of bed bugs found in office buildings, a movie theater, a school, police headquarters, a library, and even on public transit. If this keeps up, Chicago won't only be known for wind.

Why Are Major Cities A Hotbed For Bed Bugs?

Many believe that it is because cities are are a hub for world transit. People pass through from every corner of the globe, riding in cabs, staying in hotels, and visiting local attractions. For a hitchhiking bug, these are the perfect conditions for spreading. This is also a bug that doesn't discriminate. You can find them from the poorest apartment houses to the nicest high rise penthouses. All it takes is for one bug to crawl into a bag, pocketbook, or piece of clothing.

According to Megan Borneman, an organizer for Healthy Homes, this bed bug problem, "is definitely citywide. It's not in one neighborhood. It's all over." She says the bed bug related calls to their hotline have increased dramatically each year, and this is not a problem that is going away.

Action Pest Control Offers These Tips For Bewildered Residents

  • Action believes that the best way to treat bed bugs is to not have an outbreak in the first place. That is why they offer K-9 Bed Bug Inspectors. These trained dogs can detect bed bugs still inside egg sacks, and sweep through a typical hotel room in a few short minutes. No property manager should go without K-9 inspections.
  • If you own a high rise or commercial facility, fumigation is the best option. This treatment effects the entire building at once, which greatly reduces downtime and inconvenience for tenants.
  • Heat treatments are an eco-friendly solution that effectively kills all stages of bed bug development. Action is always on the forefront of the latest in heat treatment equipment, to ensure that their customers get the treatment they need as fast and discreetly as possible.

Whether you are already dealing with these blood eating insects or want to protect your business from frustration and litigation, Action Pest Control has the treatment you need. Don't let these bugs ruin your reputation. Take action with our commercial pest control, and call Action.