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Decoration Storage Ideas For Lexington Homes

boxes going into a storage unit

Here at Action Pest Control, we see a lot of pest problems in attics and storage spaces. These quiet areas are attractive to invading pests because they are less disturbed, higher in humidity, and filled with a wide variety of places to hide. This can make storing decorations a complicated matter. Perhaps you've experienced this. Have you ever opened a box that was in storage and had a spider scare you out of your skin? Have you gone to grab a box only to be startled by a cockroach wiggling out of a hole? Pests can definitely give your heart a jump. Here some other things pests can do.

  • If you have food items stored in your boxes, pests can get in there and eat those items. This can be especially troublesome if those items are cherished keepsakes your children made for you.
  • Pests don't just eat the food we eat, they eat other things that we wouldn't consider food. If you get silverfish in your home, they will be feeding on anything made of paper. This can be a real problem if you're storing old photos or important documents.
  • If you're storing clothes in your attic, the last thing you want is moths getting up in there. Though those flying moths don't present any danger to your stored attire, their babies do. Clothing moth larvae can leave holes in clothes with natural fibers, and that can be frustrating. Many pests have the ability to eat through the actual boxes you're storing things in. This is especially true of mice and rats. This type of damage and destruction can cause the contents to spill out onto the floor. Honestly, this is the least of your problems if you have rodents. These little critters can spread illness throughout a home which is often mistaken for the flu.

Tips to protect your decorations, your home, and your family:

  • The first line of defense is to store food items, like popcorn strings, in plastic bags.
  • It is always safer to put stored items in hard plastic containers if you can afford it. This keeps smells from leaking out, and pests from chewing their way in.
  • A dehumidifier is great for keeping moisture levels down in storage areas. This is helpful to resist pests.

For complete protection from invading cockroaches, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, rodents, and over 30 other pests, consider getting year-round pest service for your home. When you have year-round protection from Action Pest Control, you won't have to worry so much about where and how you store your decorations. Our experts will make sure your home has everything it needs to resist those pests. Make 2016 the year you said goodbye to fighting pests alone, and hello to a pest-free home.