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How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Louisville Over The Holidays

bed bug on a blanket

Bed bugs are a nightmare--only this nightmare doesn't end when you wake up. It is just the beginning. Bites all over your body. Sleepless nights. Hours looking on the internet for do-it-yourself advice. And, ultimately, a heat treatment that will displace your family and disrupt your life.

There is good news though. Companies like Action Pest Control have streamlined the process, and it doesn't take 24 to 48 hours to eradicate bed bugs anymore. They also know which household items are most vulnerable to heat. And with bed bug-sniffing K-9s, bed bugs won't be coming back after they're done treating your house. If you need a Louisville exterminator, Action Pest Control is a great choice. But, a better solution would be to not get bed bugs in the first place.\

During the holidays, humans aren't the only ones on the move, bed bugs are traveling too. The reason for this is because they are hitchhiking on all those traveling humans. That is why many bed bug infestations begin during the holidays. The single greatest weapon against bed bugs is public knowledge.

Here is what you need to know if you're going to be traveling, and what you should tell your friends and family, if they are going to be traveling to visit you.

  • Check your accommodations before you begin your trip, even if you're going to be staying in a five-star hotel. Bed bugs are an equal opportunity infestor. Go to and see if bed bugs have been reported in or around the place you're staying.

  • Always check your room before staying. Pull the covers down and look for seed-like brown bugs on the sheets or in the pillowcase. Inspect for dark brown blood stains on the sheets. Examine the edges and corners of box springs and mattresses for black sticky excrement. Use a flashlight to check the backboard and any furniture in the room.

  • Once you are confident that no bed bugs are in the room, use a couple common sense practices to prevent accidental exposure to bed bugs. Don't leave dirty clothes on the floor. Consider hanging your clothes instead of putting them in the dresser. And keep your luggage and bags up high, or in a plastic bag.

  • If you hear about bed bugs where you're staying, consider finding a new place to stay.

  • When you get home, wash and dry all your clothes on the hottest temperature. This will kill any bugs, larvae, or eggs.

It may seem a little extreme to do this, but you are the gatekeeper to your home. These bugs aren't going to crawl in through your walls. They come in through the front door. And it only takes one female bed bug to infest a home with thousands of bugs. Be safe this holiday. Check the place you're staying and tell your friends and family how they can check theirs. Keep an eye out for bed bugs, and you'll save yourself the nightmare of getting rid of them. If you have a bed bug problem, Action Pest Control can help with effective bed bug control services.