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5 Tips For A Pest Free Thanksgiving

a fruit fly up close

Thanksgiving is a time of feasting. And when there is more food, there are more spills, more trash, and more dishes. Pests love all of these. You probably already know this. But do you know that pests are less likely to make their home in your home if you don't leave food out for them? Keeping food sources hidden and cleaned up is the number one way to keep pests out of your house. Think about it. If you were a bug or a rodent, wouldn't you want to go where the food is?

Here are five tips that will help you keep those pests out so you don't have to call a Lexington pest control company.

Tip 1: Keep The Trash Sealed.

Inside and outside trash should always be kept in sealed containers. Bugs and mammals feed on rotted food, and many types of insects like to breed in it. Make sure your can has a cover that seals. Rocker lids do decent job, but they don't keep tiny insects out, like fruit flies, and they have a tendency to be jarred open when the trash gets filled.

Tip 2: Clean As You Go.

When baking, it is easy to get flour, sugar, and other pantry items all over the counter and floor. Crumbs fall everywhere. Patches of sticky substances litter every surface. These are a beacon for pests. Make sure to clean as you go so you don't forget that sugary juice that accidently leaked off the pan and ran down between the oven and the counter.

Tip 3: Deep Clean.

If you don't like to clean as you go, consider deep cleaning when you're done baking or cooking. It is always good to deep clean periodically anyway--especially if you have children. Roaches love the juice spills that run under the fridge or the bacon grease that dripped down into the crack by the oven. If you get rid of these food sources, bugs will have no reason to stay in your home. They might wander through, but they won't build a nest or be inclined to plant their eggs.

Tip 4: Dishes.

When you leave dishes in a dry sink, you create the perfect environment for bugs. They love the many types of rotting sticky substances that remain on a dish after the food is gone. Consider leaving a sink of soapy water, and put your dishes in that.

Tip 5: Get Advice.

There are hundreds of ways you can protect your home from bugs. Keeping things clean may be the big one, but some bugs can live in the cleanest of environments. Have a professional home pest control technician do an inspection of your home. Most companies will do this for free, and you'll be able to isolate trouble spots and learn exclusion methods that are specific to your home and your family. In the Lexington area, I highly recommend Action Pest Control. They are courteous and helpful. You won't have to worry about car salesman tactics and you'll get the information you need.