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Components Of A Successful Fumigation Service

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Why does it seem like whenever anyone has a terrible pest problem, the worst-case scenario for treatment always seems to be fumigation? We get calls all the time from very frustrated home or business owners who are at their wit's end with pests. They tell us they are sick and tired of these pests and want us to "bomb" the place! What has made the fumigation process seem like such a last resort? We think the reason is that people know that fumigation can be tricky, but when done correctly, fumigation can completely solve your pest problem. With small-scale problems, typical pest control services may be enough to eliminate the problem, but if your pest problem is serious, you may need a fumigation service.

What makes a fumigation service so tricky? Well, first, a professional must determine that fumigation is necessary. If the problem is severe enough and there are no other options to eliminate the pest problem, professional fumigation services may be the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution to get rid of pests. For commercial fumigation, the company performing the service must have the appropriate equipment and experienced professionals to make sure the process goes smoothly and is completely effective. Successful fumigation companies also have ways to monitor the fumigation service to make sure that enough of the fumigant is circulating the premises. All of these aspects of a fumigation service make it a challenge, but an experienced professional can make sure the service is effective and goes off without a hitch.

At Action Pest Control, we’ve performed many successful fumigations over the last 30+ years. We have also encountered almost every pest problem you can imagine! Whether you are dealing with psocids, grain beetles, flour beetles, rodents, or other pests, our professionals can make sure that your fumigation offers almost 100% reduction of pests practically overnight. We have a lot of experience with fumigations in many different environments as well. We’ve performed fumigation services in food and pharmaceutical plants, flour mills, feed manufacturing facilities, warehousing facilities, barges, tractor-trailer trucks, railcar containers, museum collections, commodities, and even residential homes.

To determine whether or not a fumigation service is appropriate for your pest problem, we urge you to give us a call. You can also find out more information about the fumigation services we offer. We offer a free fumigation consultation to help determine what service will best eliminate your pest problem. For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and throughout our service area to speak to one of our friendly, service representatives.