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"Very Confident with Action Pest. Jama Cartwright, Jama is friendly and very informative in her job and helped me a lot with questions I ask about my house treatments. I feel very confident with Action Pest and Jama!"

"I wanted to tell you that we really enjoy having Jason as our technician. He is polite, professional and easy to talk to about any issues or concerns. Please give him a pat on the back from us for his good work. Thanks very much."

"My hotel has been using Action for a while now and I can't tell you how great they are. We are serviced monthly and call whenever a problem crawls into the hotel. From the moment we have an issue, everyone makes you feel important and well taken care of. I always appreciate their prompt response and professionalism. Everyone from Darrell, Todd, Izzy--so cute! and most of all Carey Donamaria do a wonderful job. They come in take care of the problem and are always discrete. It's almost like extended family! I have been in the hotel industry for almost 17 years and you all are by far the BEST!!!! We appreciate you all so much and thank you for everything you do!"

"Our technician Jarron is wonderful! He is friendly, courteous, always on time or early, and knocks softly on the front door when he comes because he knows we have an infant that might be sleeping. He is great!"

"Derek is always cooperative, enthusiastic, and professional. Excellent service whether I am home or not."

"Your PEST CONTROL deserves a ten star rating!!!!!"

"My in laws purchased living room furniture for our new house off Craigslist. Little did we know, it was infested with bed bugs. Luckily, it hadn't gone past the garage, but we had handled it and went inside the house. Ryan came out first to inspect, and right away identified the pest. Unfortunately, the only time the search dog, Izzy, was available was the same time we were closing on our house. The next available time was after the weekend. Ryan went out of his way to contact the office and arrange for Todd and Izzy to inspect our house on a sooner time. Thanks so much Action for making our life crisis your priority. Ryan, Todd and Izzy were great and exceeded our expectations."

"I have been with Action over 10 years and have never had a problem that wasn't taken care of very soon, Josh is very friendly, on time, and does a great job and informative, I am very satisfied with Action."

"Derek has been with us for several years and he consistently provides a great service and is always professional and courteous."

"Chris is a highly knowledgeable and professional representative of your company. Please allow us to ALWAYS keep him! I appreciate his continuing effort to rid us of voles!! I hate those things!!"

"My technician is Andy and we refer to him as "Action Andy". He is professional, knowledeable, courteous, prompt, thorough..."

"After calling. Tony showed up promptly as stated. He was very professional as he walked through each area of our home - both inside and out. He made suggestions and recommendations for ways to improve the issue we are having. I am looking forward to the service person coming next week. I hope she is as thorough as Tony was.

"Please advise Todd and Izzy did a great job on a recent 1 year inspection and continuation of our warranty. Appreciate Todd allowing me to ask for areas checked you may not normally check or pay particular attention, as it is helped relieve my anxiety and basically removed it..."

"We had been told about our crawl space being in need of a cleaning and refurbishing 3 years ago but any estimate we received seemed unreasonable and didn't contain all the work Action Pest Control included. They were knowledgeable about our needs and were able to meet them in a timely, efficient fashion. The gentlemen who gave us the estimate came by to check on the work and the men doing the work kept us up to date on what they were doing. They were neat and orderly in what they did and the only time we noticed they were even there was when we heard some odd talking and at first thought the house was "haunted" and then remembered they were in the crawl space. It was pretty amusing, I answered back a few times before I remembered they were there. We were impressed with all the workers who came and helped but mainly with "Ian" who did most of the work. He was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He was kind enough to give us daily reports and kept the area clean and neat. They were thoughtful of both us and our neighbors."

Indianapolis, IN

"Just wanted you to know I think Ashley Sprasky did a great job with our service. She is personable, engaging, and returns when she says she will. She takes time to explain what she is doing and how long until you should expect to receive results. She really seems to enjoy what she is doing. Kudos to her!"

"Our technician, Jason, is amazing! He answers all our questions, provides helpful suggestions, and follows up with us to see if we have any concerns. We recommend Action Pest to our friends and co-workers almost entirely because of the level of service we have received from Jason (and Rob before him). Keep up the great work!"

Evansville, IN

"John was at our home yesterday and treated inside and out of our home. So informative and professional as well as conscientious! We are amazed at quality of employees of Action pest control with whom we have had contact with. Very pleased so just wanted to share and compliment his work, knowledge, and professionalism. Thanks for retaining honest hardworking employees!!!"


"Derek has been our technician for several years. He has always been informative and is very concerned about our needs. He is able to suggest treatments whenever a new problem arises. Since we have been treating for borer bees, we have also found that it eradicates spiders and ants. We are happy with the services that we get from Action Pest and Derek."

"Thank you SO much to your entire team. You guys are amazing, friendly, warm, professional and all around outstanding! Within hours our pest problem was all but eliminated and I finally feel comfortable letting my baby roam around my kitchen. you will be recommended to anyone we know. Thank you for responding so promptly and being so patient to listen and answer questions as well. I really can't say enough good things!"

"The guys were polite as could be and just wonderful. Worked hard, didn't take any breaks, and answered any questions.

Great Job, Mike and Chris!!!!

(Attic Insulation Customer)

"We'd like to take this opportunity to share our experience with Action Pest Control in our ongoing battle with bed bugs. We have been working with Action Pest Control since late 2012. We have heat treated many of our duplexes with great results. Our residents are very pleased with the results and had virtually no complaints concerning property damage. We are very pleased with the results from Action Pest Control. We have recommended their services to many Housing Authorities in our area. "

County Housing Authority

"I give Ashley an "A++++. She was thorough, listened to what I wanted her to do and took the time to do it, called me twice to let me know what she was doing and what she found. I had hundreds of ants on my kitchen counter the day I called and today I am only seeing about 5 at a time. Ashley gave me very good information and she looked some things up on the internet and her information seemed very accurate and reliable. Ashley not only told me to give it 7-10 days to work, but also explained why. I am very impressed."

Evansville, IN

"APC is one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time. They remind me of a time when companies actually stood behind their services or products, which means a lot to me. I had a situation where I may of required their services but was not sure. Upon two inspections, the tech thought that their service was not needed and that with a preventative measure (which they applied) no further service would be recommended. (Not mice but a suspected chipmunk visited our house). They could have easily signed me up for service but did not take advantage of my situation. I would recommend any company standing by their expertise over acquiring a new contract any day! Thanks for being honest!

Indianapolis, IN

"One man said his granddaughter reacts very badly to mosquito bites, getting large lumps at the bite site and itching badly. This is the first summer she has been bite free and he doesn’t have to worry when she’s at his house. He was deeply appreciative."

Owensboro, KY

"This one really got me. A woman said she and her husband have lived in their home for 32 years. She has always been a gardener and has tried every trick in the book to repel mosquitoes while she worked in the yard, but that was all she did because the mosquitoes were too bad to spend time outside. Since getting our service this season she can work in the garden as much as she wants and she and her husband are now eating outside, she takes her cup of coffee outside at lunch time and they enjoy drinking wine on the patio. They are enjoying their yard for the first time in 32 years."

Henderson, KY

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