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External parasites, fleas are wingless insects with mouthparts that can pierce skin and suck blood.


Fleas are tiny flightless insects, approximately 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long. They feed on blood and are red when they’ve had a blood meal. They have a flat hard body with large back legs used for jumping and they can sometimes jump vertically up to 7 inches high. They can be brought into your home or business on pets or other animals.

Biology and Behavior:

  • Fleas go through 4 life cycle stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. 

  • Females lay batches of eggs (usually on their host) and each batch has up to 20 eggs.

  • When a flea reaches adulthood, their goal is to seek out a blood meal and reproduce.

  • Fleas are a nuisance to their host, causing itching and sometimes allergic reactions that result in rashes.

  • You don’t have to have pets to have a flea problem. These can be brought into your home on bats, roof rats, squirrels, raccoons and other wild animals. 

  • Fleas can be vectors for diseases, spreading viruses, bacteria and ricksettsial diseases to humans and other warm-blooded mammals.

Flea Prevention Tips:

  • Change pet bedding regularly and vacuum areas where pets sleep often.

  • Vacuum under furniture, cushions, beds and along walls. Once you have vacuumed an area, discard the vacuum cleaner bags at least weekly, as fleas can develop inside and re-infest your home.

  • Treat pets with veterinarian approved flea treatments to keep your pet from bringing fleas home in the first place.

  • Don not let pets sleep on your bed or furniture.

Action's Flea Control Services 

  • Residential pest control programs that target fleas and household pests