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Closed Crawl Space Systems

Excessive moisture in a conveniently vented crawl space is the number one cause associated with a host of serious crawl space concerns. As levels of moisture rise in a structure, the structure becomes more conducive to wood destroying insects, more prone to microbial growth, more susceptible to rot and suffers greatly diminished indoor air quality. The crawl space of your home may be out of sight but the effects of excessive moisture in your crawl space should not be out of mind.

If you have problems with excessive moisture in your home, Action Pest Control’s closed crawl space system may be the solution for you!

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Benefits Of A Closed Crawl Space System

  • Enhanced quality of the crawl space environment

  • Lowered humidity levels and reduced moisture variations during the annual seasonal cycle

  • Reduced susceptibility to wood rot, mold issues and insect damage by reducing moisture

  • Ductwork in the crawl space is less likely to rust or need replacement

  • The improvements result in overall energy savings from reduced annual energy use for heating and cooling your home

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