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July 11, 2017

Is Zika Still An Issue?

In 2016, it was hard to turn on the news without hearing a story about the dangerous Zika virus that wreaked havoc in South America and had suddenly turned its eyes on the United States, but where is the virus now? Is it still a threat to the U.S.? And, more specifically, is it a threat here in our area? Let's examine the facts and find out....

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June 10, 2016

Louisville Kentucky Zika Threat

The Zika virus is causing quite a stir in our nation's capital. Response to the threat of a Zika outbreak here in the United States is a topic of great debate in Congress. And rightfully so. This is a virus that has been proven to cause damage to unborn children at all stages of pregnancy, which can lead to lifelong hardship and complications for families, so it is not surprising that we are ge...

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