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February 11, 2015

What You May Not Know About Mice And Rats

It is estimated that there is one rat for every person living in the United States, and no state is excluded from having them. Rats and mice can be found in large urban centers, on country farms, and even aboard boats, far out to sea. Their commensal nature--which means they prefer to live off what other creatures leave behind--has earned them the title of domestic rodent. In fact, when you hea...

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February 2, 2015

Is Your Home Rodent Proof?

The classification rodent refers to all mammals that gnaws with two continuously growing front teeth, which are called incisors. Scientists have determined that forty percent of all mammals are considered rodents, and they can be found everywhere in the world, with the exception of Antarctica. Of the more than 2000 species of rodentia only a few are considered household pests....

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November 18, 2014

Top Rat Infested Cities: Does Yours Make The List?

The city that you live in or near has most likely at one time or another made a list of some sort, whether it is for best pizza, best outdoor parks, most snow, or best schools. Those are the types of “lists” that are fun to make, and make you proud of where you are living. However, there are some lists you hope your city doesn’t get on, like highest crime rate, highest taxes, ...

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December 23, 2013

The Dangers Of Rodents In Your Commercial Facility

There is nothing as damaging to your business as a potential pest outbreak, particularly an infestation of rodents. Nothing screams dirty and unsanitary to the minds of the public like the sight of a Norway rat running around your commercial facility. Even the sight of the common house mouse can have a disastrous effect on the public opinion of your business; not to mention spread several types...

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October 29, 2013

Action Pest Control Warns Homeowners Against Fall Pest Invasions

Action Pest Control reminds homeowners to be cautious of unwanted pests as the season changes The fall season is known to many as the time of year when the leaves change, the air becomes crisp and the nights grow longer. But, it is also a peak time for pests to make their way indoors seeking food, shelter and warmth.  Action Pest Control, a...

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