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May 30, 2022

Are The Birds In Indiana Hassling You? We Can Help!

Whether it’s pigeons, starlings, or even sparrows, pest birds can be a big issue for Indiana homeowners. Here’s what local residents should know about whether they have a bird problem on their property, whether it’s safe to feed pigeons, how bird spikes can be beneficial, and how pest control in Indiana can help keep pest birds away. ...

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March 27, 2018

Most Common Pest Birds In Indiana

Though they don't mean to, birds become pests when they get into commercial locations. They take advantage of every gap, crack, ledge, pipe, rafter, electrical box, and more, in order to establish their nests. When they do, it can lead to structural damage, corrosion of building materials, accidental fire, unwanted noise, costly cleanup, and a risk to public health. Birds don't need to create a...

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