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March 14, 2015

Termites In Lexington

A mosquito bite creates a small bump, causing, for most, just a little irritation. A termite bite however tears away at the fabric of your home or business. In fact, termites cause billions of dollars in property damage each year in the U.S. alone. Though similar in size, it is apparent which pest poses the most threat to a person's well being....

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February 18, 2015

What You Need To Know About Termite Swarms

In spring when the ground begins to warm, king and queen termites take to the air by the hundreds--and sometimes by the thousands--to reproduce and start a new colony. When you see a swarm in the air, or termites all over your house or property, you might be tempted to think that they came from somewhere else, but this is not usually the case. Swarmers are not good fliers, and will travel only ...

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June 24, 2014

A Closer Look At Termites In The Home

One of the most prized accomplishments of every family is the acquisition of a new home. Part of the American dream includes ownership of your own house. Newlyweds search for just the right house in which to raise their children. Retirees search for that perfect retirement home to enjoy those golden years. However, this dream could all be interrupted and come crashing down over a colony of...

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April 22, 2014

How To Tell If There Are Termites In The Home

When you think about protecting your home, you typically think about securing it from intruders and protecting it against severe weather. If your home is leaky during a rainstorm, you get your roof fixed. If you are worried about burglars, you install an alarm system. But what about protecting it from damaging pests like termites? Termites are incredibly destructive insects and have the capability...

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