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January 6, 2017

Start 2017 Off Rodent Free

The best things in life are free. You've heard the saying. Things like hugs, friends, family, smiles, laughter, happy memories, and love. These are definitely some pretty awesome things in life that are free, but do you know what else is awesome when it is free? Your home, when it is free of rodents. There are many benefits to having a rodent-free house! But a house that contains rodents, if th...

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February 4, 2016

Bed Bugs, What Now?

It is certainly not a very good day when you wake up from a night’s sleep and find little red welts on your body. Your first thought is that you must have gone to bed with a swarm of mosquitoes; but, no, you surely would have heard them buzzing around your head. You look a little more closely at those itchy bumps and discover that there seems to be little groups or clusters of bites here ...

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