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July 31, 2019

Why Fleas Invade Terre Haute Properties And How To Stop Them

Terre Haute is a beautiful area with plenty of trees, wildlife, and scenery. July is a month of exploring and enjoying the outdoors. However, July is also a month of increased pest activity, and you must take extra precautions to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe. The warm weather brings an increased activity level for insects, such ...

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March 7, 2019

When To Expect Fleas Around Louisville Homes And Yards

Waking up to ankles covered in itchy bug bites is not something anyone wants to experience. However, if you’ve ever dealt with fleas, you probably have first-hand experience with just how miserable this is. If you’d like to avoid getting fleas in your home, read on to learn when to expect fleas around your Louisville home and yard....

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July 13, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Fleas In Indianapolis

Fleas are the pests that you never see but that you always feel. Fleas are parasites, and if you don’t prevent them now, you are looking at an irritating problem later. Maybe you already have fleas in your home. To know for sure, here is everything you need to know about fleas in Indianapolis....

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June 13, 2017

Fleas Driving You Crazy?

There is a reason for the saying, “annoying like a flea”. They are a pain and difficult to shake. Just ask your dog. He knows all about trying to shake fleas from his body. So, what do you do about fleas? Whether you have pets or not, fleas can and will become a nuisance if left to their own devices. If fleas are driving you crazy, it is time to shake them for good....

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November 11, 2015

5 Steps To A Flea-Free House

No one likes getting an infestation of fleas. These little biters don't just cause issues for your pet; they can also bite you and your kids (if you have kids). If your pets are your kids, you have even more reason to take a short break and read down through these 5 tips on how to have a flea-free home.  ...

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