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December 4, 2017

Why Homeowners Should Consider Rodent Control

Perhaps when you think of rodents, the ever-popular Christmas mouse comes to mind, especially this time of year. However, unless they are pets, having rodents around during the holidays is far from a children's tale or cute addition to the season's cheer. Rodents are some of the absolute worst pests to have around the house, and often some of the most surprising. Rodent related expenses are amo...

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November 2, 2017

Little Pests, Big Problems

Nobody wants to have mice in their house. It is quite an unpleasant experience to catch a flash of movement on the floor, or discover signs that mice have gotten into your food. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that mice aren't just frightening or yucky, but are actually quite harmful and even dangerous to have around. The very fact that you've seen a mouse means that you and your house...

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