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August 23, 2018

How Carpenter Ants Could Get Into Jasper Homes This Fall

Soon, those colorful leaves will be littered around the foundations of our homes and landing in our gutter systems to clog them. When this happens, pools of standing water can form near your home. It is important to rake up the leaves from around your property and keep them from collecting in your gutters and clogging them as pools of standing water can attract carpenter ants....

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April 17, 2018

Are Odorous House Ants Dangerous?

There are some pests in Lexington that can truly strike fear in your heart. The black widow spider, for instance, is a name almost everyone knows, due to the rare but serious harm they can cause! The common little mouse certainly has some people jumping up on chairs! But then there is the odorous house ant... sure by the name you can tell they are probably stinky, but can they cause harm to you...

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March 5, 2018

Preparing For Ant Season

March is when we start seeing ants in Terre Haute. The warmer it is, the quicker we see them. That's why now is the time to start preparing for ant season. Here are a few things you should know and some ant prevention tips that will guide you in how to prevent ants....

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March 23, 2017

Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Owensboro Home This Spring

It’s spring, which means you have ants knocking at your door. They are ready to invade, and if you aren’t prepared to combat them, you are in for a challenging season. Ants are social insects. After one ant enters, hundreds more will follow. Here are the most effective tips to keep ants out of your home....

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March 19, 2016

Don't Let Ants Go Marching Into Your House

The ants go marching one by one… You may be familiar with this children's song that talks about ants marching and then going down to the ground to get out of the rain. Well, though there is some truth to this song, ants might march into their holes when the weather gets wet--when the weather gets really wet, they are more likely to try to get into your home, "to get out of the rain&helli...

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February 23, 2016

Winter Ants In Terre Haute

Here in Terre Haute, Indiana, ants are not generally a problem in winter, but there are conditions that can make them a problem, even when temperatures drop below freezing. If you have an area underneath your home where there is warm dirt, or if ants have built a satellite colony inside your walls, you can have ant problems throughout the winter. Warmth is the first and most important requireme...

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July 28, 2015

Battle Of The Ants In The War On Pests

During the work day at Action Pest Control we often receive phone calls that sound a bit like this “I have been battling ants now for about 2 weeks. I caulked the windows, did the spray and the ant traps and they just keep coming, help what am I doing wrong”? We get these calls so often because ant control, despite what the cans of ant spray say, is not any easy task. We would like ...

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May 29, 2015

Battling Ants In Lexington

Do you have ants in your Lexington home? Do you feel like you're losing the battle? It is not surprising, considering the fact that the ratio of ants to humans on earth is just about 17.2 million to one. That's right, 17.2 million ants to one of you. What's worse is that our efforts to kill these invaders with chemicals only increases their numbers and makes them more able to thrive. It is like...

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May 27, 2015

Why Won’t My Ant Problem Go Away?

As simple as it sounds, making ants disappear from your home or property isn’t always an easy accomplishment. More than likely, the problem centers around a lack of knowledge of the activity and behavior of ants. Homeowners quickly learn that just killing the visible ants marching across the kitchen floor does not successfully end the ant problem.  ...

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