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March 12, 2020

Having Cockroaches In Your Louisville Home Is Worse Than You May Think

We all know that cockroaches are hardy, conniving, gross insects. But do you really know how bad it is to discover these bugs living in your home? Cockroaches are considered to be vermin by definitional standards, which means they are disease-carrying vectors for parasites and bacteria of all kinds. Their high adaptability to multiple kinds of environments makes them perfect carriers for many s...

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March 10, 2020

Little-Known Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Indianapolis Home

Ants are fascinating creatures and can be cool when observed in a contained environment. Some individuals have spent hundreds of dollars to have ant habitats inside their home. However, even these ant lovers don’t like the idea of having ants roaming freely in their house. They know that, although interesting to watch, ants can be a huge problem if not contained....

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March 6, 2020

Protecting Your Evansville Home From Formidable Termites

The term “termite season” can seem pretty daunting, especially due to the fact that these tiny wood-eating pests cost US homeowners 5 billion dollars on average each year. If your home is even partly made out of wood, it could be at risk. We are here today to help you evaluate this risk and to determine what termite season could mean for your property this year. Let's jump right in....

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February 25, 2020

Don't Try To Get Rid Of Birds On Your Indianapolis Property On Your Own

1. Right Solution. Wrong Bird. There are many products that can help you get control of pest birds, but some of them work for specific birds. If you use a great solution to stop the wrong bird, it won't be a great solution anymore. This can be extremely frustrating, especially after you've spent a lot of money and a lot of time. ...

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February 19, 2020

Evansville Homeowners Without Pets Can Get Fleas Too

Do you know what the worst pest flea in the United States is? It is called the cat flea. But cat fleas don't only feed on cats. They feed on dogs, livestock, small mammals, and birds. If you have fleas in your Evansville home, there is a pretty good chance they are cat fleas...

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February 13, 2020

Little Moth Causing Big Problems In Lexington Kitchens

One Indian meal moth in your cabinet would be easy to miss. It is only about ⅝ of an inch and it doesn't fly that much. It will crawl around on your stored foods and find a place to lay its eggs. These little moths can cause a big problem. Here are a few more things you should know....

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