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September 13, 2018

Termites Still Swarming In Lexington

Lexington weather has the perfect combination of ideal temperatures and climate conditions that allow for continual termite activity throughout the month of September. The warm humid weather in Indiana in the summer will cause termites to continue to swarm and, in effect, prolifically enhance the termite population....

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September 11, 2018

Why Rodents Are A Serious Concern In Indianapolis

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful fall evening… there’s a chill in the air, the leaves have begun to change, and you’re making your way to the bed to get cozy for the night when you quite literally run into a rodent as it scurries across the floor. Talk about a way to ruin a nice, relaxing evening!...

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September 7, 2018

Fall Carpenter Ant Prevention For Louisville Homes

If you’re a Louisville homeowner, you’ve probably taken certain steps to protect your biggest investment. You prepare your home for each change of season, repair damage when it happens, keep up with outdoor maintenance, and have homeowners insurance for unexpected problems. An additional way to protect your home is one you may not have considered. Carpenter ants cause terrible damag...

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September 6, 2018

Why Ticks Love Terre Haute, And How Action Stops Them

We often think of summer as prime time for bugs, and assume that we’re in the clear when the cooler months of fall arrive, with far fewer annoying mosquitoes, stinging pests, or ant invasions. However, some Terre Haute insects live well into autumn and pose a threat as long as they’re able to crawl around....

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August 31, 2018

Why Fumigation Is Ideal For Pharmaceutical Plants

When it comes to pest control, pharmaceutical plants face many challenges. Not only do these facilities store perishable products, but they are also closely watched by the FDA to make sure they are maintaining a cleanly and pest-free environment. ...

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August 29, 2018

Why Geese Are Bad For Business

We see them every spring and fall as they fly overhead in their familiar V-formation. Geese are beautiful birds that are easily recognized, and they are harbingers of the changing seasons. Not all geese are migratory though; some resident species live in the same area year-round. Either way, both migratory and resident geese can cause problems for your business if allowed to get out of control!...

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August 23, 2018

How Carpenter Ants Could Get Into Jasper Homes This Fall

Soon, those colorful leaves will be littered around the foundations of our homes and landing in our gutter systems to clog them. When this happens, pools of standing water can form near your home. It is important to rake up the leaves from around your property and keep them from collecting in your gutters and clogging them as pools of standing water can attract carpenter ants....

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