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Moles Becoming Problematic for Terre Haute Residents

April 6, 2018

Here we go again, you spend all this time making your lawn perfect, your neighbors always comment on how beautiful it is and then these crazy dirt piles and holes pop up destroying your hard work. You might be left scratching your head thinking you have snake holes in your grass or chipmunks building their nests. More likely though you have moles! A tell-tale sign is a dirt pile mound on the outside of the hole and sometimes even some divots or small sinkholes. As the moles burrow and tunnel under your yard, they disturb the grass and leave their little piles behind making your yard look terrible. Not only that, but they can weaken the integrity of your yard leaving you tripping on soft spots above their tunnels and feeling like you are sinking into your grass.  

mole digging hole near terre haute home

Once you’ve seen the holes and their tell-tale dirt piles in your Terre Haute yard, it’s too late to take preventative measures. At this point, you need to call in the professionals like those at Action Pest Control. However, there are a few steps you can take if you know that moles have been a problem for you in the past or are prevalent in your area.

  • Eliminate food sources. This includes pet food left outside, bugs, worms, and other tasty treats. Moles primarily come into your yard looking for food, so if they don’t find any they may move on and make their homes elsewhere.
  • Install an underground fence. This is expensive and time-consuming but installing an underground fence around the problem areas or perimeter of your yard can help keep the moles from burrowing into your yard.
  • Make a barrier with gravel and rocks. Moles' tiny claws can’t dig through rocks or gravel, so if they are ruining your garden or an area in your yard, you can dig down about a foot and put a perimeter of pea gravel or rocks around the problem area. 

Getting Rid of Moles

Home prevention measures are unlikely to be effective in keeping moles away. They are too clever and small to dissuade. The professionals at Action Pest Control can come out to your property and help to assess your mole problem.  We will figure out where the active tunnels and nests are through a two-step process, first poking holes in tunnels and flagging to monitor activity, and then returning in a couple of days to assess the results. Once your mole problem is identified and tunnels and nests are located, your technician will devise a mole control and removal plan that works best for your situation. In no time, you’ll be back to having a mole-free lawn that your Terre Haute neighbors will be oohing and aahing over.


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