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How To Have A Pest-Free Celebration On The Fourth

July 3, 2017

hot dog on 4th of july plate

If we were to pose the question: What do we celebrate on Independence Day? You would probably quickly reply with, "Independence, right?" And that would be correct. Independence from England. But since the definition of the word, independent, is: "not subject to control by others," perhaps you can celebrate more than one kind of independence this holiday. Perhaps you can also celebrate a day that is independent of bugs! In fact, if you look into year-round pest control, you could be celebrating Independence Day every single day of the year!

Tips on how to have a pest-free 4th:

  • Limit food smells that lure pests in: If you plan to cook or eat lunch outside, take measures to keep smells under control. Before cooking, keep all foods inside tightly sealed containers. Keep food covered before being served. And after eating, make sure to make cleanup a priority. If food is left out in the open, not only does this make spoilage possible, but it will lure all sorts of insects and/or animals into your yard. Also, keep beverages covered by using cups with straws, if possible. And be sure to dispose of all trash in sealed containers.

  • Limit sweet smells: Food smells aren't the only things pests are attracted to. Stinging pests love the smell of sweet perfumes, shampoos, etc. While you cannot control what everyone else may be using, you can educate your immediate family on this subject.

  • Discourage ants from crawling up: Putting pie plates filled with water underneath the legs of tables will prevent ants from crawling onto tables. And it gives those ants a little moat to have a nice little swim in.

  • Use a fan to blow mosquitoes away: Mosquitoes and some other flying pests can be deterred with a bit of a breeze. If nature isn't providing a breeze, make one by bringing a few fans into your BBQ and outdoor dining area.

  • Use insect repellent: Spraying repellent on your skin or, if you'd rather not do this, on your clothing, can go a long way toward keeping pests from plaguing your celebration. Products with DEET or more natural products containing lemon eucalyptus are the best choices.

  • Have a pest control company do all the work for you: If you would rather not have to worry too much about bugs this Fourth of July, reach out to the professionals here at Action Pest Control. We'll do a number on those mosquitoes, ticks, ants, spiders, and more, so you can enjoy your day.

If you want to celebrate more than one kind of independence this Independence Day, give Action a call, if you would like to celebrate independence from pests all year long, we can help you with that as well.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! From the Folks here at Action Pest Control.


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