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Common Complaints From Businesses…

You see them walking around McDonalds, begging for fries. You see them bobbing along the sidewalks in the park. You see them perched on window ledges…Read More


Large Spiders Invade Indianapolis…

Run for your lives! Giant spiders are invading the city! What next? The capital? It sounds like the plot of a Tom Cruise movie, but it is actually…Read More


Action Pest Control offers pest control and termite control for homeowners throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, including Indianapolis, Louisville and Evansville. We have the right control solution for ants, termites, spiders, mosquitoes and virtually every other household pest.

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At Action Pest Control we understand the commercial pest control needs of businesses both small and large, including restaurants, hotels, food processing plants and more. We offer traditional and fumigation treatments for the most prevalent commercial pests, like bed bugs, cockroaches and more.

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The Action Media Center is the place to find video and print material related to Action Pest Control and our services.  Visit the Action Media Center!

The finest pest control in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois

Founded in Evansville, Indiana, Action Pest Control has been providing superior preventive pest management since 1946. Today, we are the largest locally owned pest control service in Indiana and Kentucky, providing Indianapolis pest control, Lousiville pest control and Lexington pest control as well as serving clients throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. Owner and entomologist Kevin Pass personally ensures that families can trust Action with all their residential and commercial exterminating needs. Learn more about Action Pest Control!

Summer Pest Problems in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois

Summer is finally here, and as the weather really starts to warm up, the pest pressures once again begin to change.  Mosquitoes, house flies, fleas and spiders are all very active right now. Mosquitoes and fleas are looking for a blood meal so you and your pets are at risk of itchy bites. House files can often be found buzzing around your kitchen looking for a tasty treat and spiders would prefer to be left alone, but will make your home their own if other pests are available for dinner. If you have questions about potential summer pest problems or are already seeing these pests and need help, give us a call! We're here for you!

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